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Sealed Air

Fill-Air Systems (Air cushion machines)

Fill-Air Systems (Air cushion machines)

The most versatile systems for Void Fill packaging applications. We have machines available to suit almost every application, from small bench top models to fully automated in-line systems. Bags Sizes vary to suit your packing requirements.

Options: Many different size and strength options available on request. Contact us for information.

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Cell-Aire - Polyethylene Foam Products Cell-Aire - Polyethylene Foam Products

Cell-Aire – Polyethylene Foam Products

An all purpose low density polyethylene foam Cell-Aire is the ideal product for number of applications from the interleaving of fragile surfaces to the protection of heavy sheet metals. Polyethylene Foam is CFC & HFC Free.

Also available as expandable Ezi-Sleeves. Perfect for Bottles and fruit packaging

Options: Wide variety of sizes and thicknesses available. Contact us for information.

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Bubble Wrap Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

It is important to remember that all products that require shipping don’t necessarily require the same form of packaging. Typically these can be divided into 3 categories. Those that require Cushioning, those that require Surface Protection and those that require Void Fill.

Sealed Air’s range of air cellular products are the most versatile and flexible packaging material available offering:

  • Increased cushioning performance
  • Reduced material costs
  • Labour savings
  • Lower shipping costs

Available in:

  • Light duty and Heavy Duty
  • Various Bubble sizes from 7.9mm to 31.8mm
  • Rolls from 340mm to 1400mm wide
  • Bubble Pack Ready to roll perforated 400mm
  • Bubble Bags
  • Anti Static
  • Temp Shield
  • Heat Shield
  • Cold Seal
  • e-Bubble
  • AirCap and AirLite
  • Tuffwrap

Options: Wide variety of options available. Contact us for information.

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