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Accuwrap can supply the pallet for your business needs. We have a wide variety of timber and plastic pallets, both new and second-hand. We can even arrange custom-made pallets to suit.

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Plastic Pallet Plastic Pallet

Plastic Hygiene Pallets

Without doubt the best rackable, hygienic heavy duty plastic pallet. Tried and tested, now included in the very tough and demanding hire / dehire pools of the 2 leading materials handling hirers in the country.


  • Dimensions 1165mm x 1165mm
  • Tolerance +- 5mm
  • One piece construction Tough high density polyethylene plastic for a long working life
  • Steam or Chemical cleaning ability
  • 2000kgs carrying capacity
  • 4 way fork truck entry
  • 2 way pallet Jack entry
  • Weight 32kgs
  • Fits in Standard Beam and Drive through racking
  • High Strength to weight ratio
  • 3 Year replacement warranty
  • Long working life of 15-20 years
  • No crack or crevices for bacterial growth offering maximum hygiene protection
  • Interlocking surface Top to Bottom

Options: Available in various sizes and configuration

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Timber Pallets

Timber pallets are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Here is a typical sample of what is available:

  • Australian Standard 1165 x 1165
  • Export Pallets (standard) 1100 x 1100
  • Export Pallets (non standard) 1140 x 1140
  • Skids of any sizes
  • Custom made to suit with either 2 way or 4 way entry points from Hardwoods, Pine or Treated Pine

Options: Call for availability

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